Friday, September 12, 2008

Luciously Light Lemon Cuppy-Cakes

Okay, so this recipe is actually my Grandmothers. As a kid if we were at my Grandparents house for any birthday celebration this would be the cake that we ate. All the kids loved it because the frosting was amazing and not like any cake you can buy. I have been meaning to try them as cuppy-cakes instead so here was my first attempt on re-creating my Grandmas legendary lemon cake.
For the cake:
  • I used store-bought white cake mix. However, next time I think I am going to try the recipe with homemade cake batter.
  • Make the batter according to recipe
  • Portion 24 muffin cups 2/3 with batter
  • Bake according to package, I baked mine for 18 minutes.


  • Large package of Lemon Jell-O
  • Large container of Cool Whip
  • Large package of Jello-O Vanilla Pudding, made as directed.

While the cuppy-cakes are baking:

  1. In medium bowl dissolve lemon jell-o with 1 c. hot water, add 1 c. cold water once dissolved. (the box will say 2 cups of hot and cold water, I decreased the amount).
  2. Once the cuppy-cakes have been removed from the oven, immediately poke them with a toothpick over, and over to create holes for the jell-o to soak.
  3. Soak all the warm cuppy-cakes with the mixture. Be generous with this step, give the cuppy-cakes a minute to soak and then add more. You do not want them to be dry in some areas.
  4. Place the cuppy-cakes in the refrigerator to cool.
  5. Meanwhile, mix vanilla pudding and cool whip in a large bowl. Once thoroughly mixed, place back into cool whip container and place back in refrigerator.
  6. Once the cuppy-cakes are thoroughly cooled, place the frosting mixture into a large zip-lock bag or pastry bag.
  7. Frost the cuppy-cakes as desired.
  8. Enjoy!

Note: If you wanted to make this as a cake, use a rectangular pan and go through all the same steps. You will want to keep the cake or cupcakes in the fridge until you are ready to indulge!

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