Friday, September 12, 2008

Cupcake Pops

Thanks to Bakerella for inspiring me on another cupcake related obsession. I have been googling over these pops ever since I stumbled onto her blog months ago but I was waiting for a special day to roll around for me to spend a few hours in the kitchen. On Friday Jim asked me if I would be able to make red velvet cupcakes for his boss, Imad's birthday celebration on Monday. Knowing I would say "yes", I told him with excitement that I had something else in mind but it would still include red velvet cake. It was a fun evening because Jim had baked the cake earlier in the day and then after dinner while he was gardening I rolled the balls and placed them in the chocolate molds. When he was done we worked on them together and a few hours later we were finally done. I will admit that it is a little bit harder than it looks but I think once we do these a few times we will get the hang of it. I purchased a large flower pot from Michael's and cut Styrofoam blocks to fit within the pot. I then placed the pops into an arrangement of cupcake pop Heaven. If you would like the recipe please visit Bakerella's blog under Cupcake Bites Made Easy .Thank you Bakerella for inspiring me and for all the creative things that you come up with, you truly are an inspiration for all of us cupcake lovin' females out here in cupcake blog-land.

Jim-Boy doing an AMAZING job on the pops.

The finished product. . . not too shabby for our first attempt.

Happy Birthday Imad!

Annie, stop drooling and eat a damn cupcake pop...there at Jim's desk. :)

What I purchased and used:
Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix (Target $1.07)
Betty Crocker Buttercream Frosting (Target $1.29)
Candy Melts in White and Yellow (Michael's $2.99 each)
Candy Melts in Dark Chocolate (Michael's $2.99)
Peanut Butter Cup Mold (Michael's $1.99 x 3)
Lollipop Sticks (Michael's $1.99)
M&M's (Target .89)
Sprinkles (Albertson's $3.99)
Side Note: The chocolate was really thick and difficult to put on the cake, I don't know if I used too much frosting in the cake mixture as it really soft, or if I should have kept them in the freezer longer. I still have about ten cake balls left so I am going to attempt a few again to see if letting them mold longer will affect it or not. Overall, really tasty and I cannot wait to hear what Jim's Co-workers thought.

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