Friday, September 12, 2008

Le Petite Kŭp’kāk is Born!

Today marks my official obsession with cupcakes. You know you've got an addiction when you need to have an entire blog based on a petite cake. I have been pondering a name for months, I knew it had to be something that incorporated my two loves; English (hence, what I have my degree in) and lovely little cakes. I originally wanted it to be "Melly's kāks", but I was a little hesitant if people would understand the phonetic form of cake. After putting some serious thought into this I went with "Le Petite Kŭp’kāk". It may seem a little silly but I will always have a love for linguistics. This new blog with solely document my obsession of cupcakes and my journey of discovering the perfect Kŭp’kāk recipes.
Below are some of the cupake recipes I have already blogged about, they are in order from oldest to newest.

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