Wednesday, January 20, 2010

S'mores Cupcakes - Recipe #4

I stumbled upon this recipe last Sunday when bakerella posted her weekly concoction. They looked very yummy and honestly who doesn't love s'mores? The cake consists of seven yummy layers: graham cracker cake, graham cracker crumble, half of a jumbo marshmallow, chocolate cake, graham cracker crumble (I skipped this layer), half of a jumbo marshmallow and finally homemade chocolate ganache. This seems like a lot but once baked you would have no idea that there was a marshmallow and graham cracker crumble baked into the cakes because it literally melts away. The cake is great idea and it's stage presence definitely gets an 'A'; perfect for that summer barbeque or winter get-together when you yearning for those warm days.

My tips:
  • If I were to bake these again I would make sure to add in that seventh layer, however, I would bake the cupcakes for ten minutes, remove them from the oven, then add the graham cracker crumble so it doesn't melt into the cake. Continue to bake until the edges look firm. **These cupcakes will ooze like bakerella states, so prepare your oven. Luckily for me I use a 24-cupcake pan so I put them in the middle of the pan to avoid spillage.
  • I have a torch, but of course the one time I really wanted to use that handy-dandy device it was out of butane. So, I turned my oven to the low-broil setting and placed the rack one below the flame. I placed the cupcakes on a small cookie sheet and placed them in the oven with the door open to watch the marshmallows while they got their scrumptious toasty-ness on. I then topped the cupcakes with the gooey chocolate ganache!
  • I baked them in liners, but you could do without.


Alanna said...

I've got to try these!!!

DougOLis said...

Liked it but I didn't think the graham cracker taste was strong enough to be a "true S'more." Maybe a marshmallow creme filling would be good too?

Matthias said...

I agree with Doug was tasty but did not taste like a Smore.