Wednesday, January 13, 2010

maternity leave bake-off challenge

Well folks, I am giving myself a challenge. It's not an original concept but I have been wanting to take this challenge for over a year and now that I am no longer pregnant I can actually see it come to fruition. What I am talking about is a cupcake bake-off of my very own that will not work through an entire cookbook like Julie Powell did in Julie and Julia, but rather give myself the ultimate challenge of taking the next 90 days of maternity leave and baking sixty, yes you read correct,sixty cupcake recipes. Some of you may think I am nuts especially since I have a newborn at home to take care of but heck, I haven't taken it easy one day since my c-section so why not start off 2010 with a bang?

As many of you can imagine, I own almost every cupcake cookbook out there. Where shall I begin? I have baked some interesting little cakes since I began this blog
and I am looking to you for some inspiration.

What is your favorite cupcake combo?
Is there a flavor you have never seen and would love for me to bake?

Leave me a comment with your ideas.

First up: In honor of my fab friends The Boroff's and Anne Byrn's Cupcakes! From the Cake Doctor:
Triple Butterscotch Cupcakes.

Keep checking the cupcake blog; I plan on doing some cupcake giveaways throughout the bake-off.

1 comment:

Alanna said...

I'll take some of those off your hands if you decide you can't eat them all! ;)

That's a LOT of cupcakes - good luck to you! I can't wait to see them all!