Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rocky Road Cupcakes - Recipe #6

Rocky Road ice cream was one that we always ate as children, I would like to say it is one of my Mother's favorites or maybe she just loved the ice cream for all of it's yumminess. I would swirl the ice cream around until it was all melted so I could eat the nuts and marshmallows at the end. These cupcakes are super-marshmallowy and extra chocolaty. For the recipe I just winged it, literally. I made my dark chocolate cake recipe and then eye-balled the frosting: a cup of dark chocolate cocoa powder, a cup of powder sugar, one stick of butter and about a teaspoon of vanilla. For just throwing some yummy ingredients into a bowl it came out amazing and so chocolaty.

Okay, here's what I did:
  • After the cupcakes were cooled I cut out the center and filled it in with marshmallow fluff. I cut the cone part of the cake off and just stuck the tops back on.
  • Frosted the cupcakes with the yummy frosting and placed marshmallows, pecans (should have been walnuts but I was out) mini chocolate chips and then drizzled melted chocolate chips on top.

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