Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bad, Bad Cupcake Blogger

I have been extremely bad about updating this blog, and I apologize to my two readers! ha ha. I have been very busy baking, almost everyday I have off at the restaurant I am fulfilling cupcake orders. This is great for me, those receiving the yummy cakes and for my kitchen! I have perfected my vanilla cupcake recipe which excites me considering it is the hardest cupcake flavor for me to bake. I have a lot of orders coming up this summer and new and exciting things will be coming from my kitchen! Keep reading, I promise I will try and update again before another two months roll-on by.

Luscious Lemon for a housewarming party

Green Velvet for Poway High School Graduate and future UCLA freshman, Amanda

Strawberry Cupcakes and Devils Food with Oreo buttercream for Maggie's Baby Shower

Vanilla on Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate fondant bronzed horseshoe's for Anna's Sweet 16. 

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C + J said...

Next time we get together, Im going to order a half-dozen red velvet (would order more, but Cory wont eat them!). I have to try them!!!