Friday, April 2, 2010

The Beauty Quotient Cupcakes

Yesterday I had the pleasure of baking cupcakes for the book release and signing party of Dr. Robert Tornambe's book, The Beauty Quotient Formula. The New York based plastic surgeon has written a brilliant book about how to increase your beauty quotient. Dr. Tornambe formula is "a much more useful way to look at beauty. While physical traits do play a role in beauty, what makes any woman truly attractive is based largely on confidence, charisma, personality, and a solid beauty routine—and that more often than not, going under the knife isn’t necessary". The doctor's book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

Visit the doctor's website to take your BQ Quiz!


Britney, Matt, and Parker Croad said...

Oh My goodness Melissa those are some beautiful cupcakes!!! I'm so happy for you to be getting business and your name getting out there with book signings. How fabulous!!! Congrats!

Claudia said...

he cupcakes are sparkling gorgeous. I wish had been there - my cousin is Dr. Tornambe and you sure showed off his book in style! Kudos!

Léa said...

Hi there ... I don't know if you still pass by sometime but I have a question for you :)

I've been looking at your cupcakes and oh my god .... I wish I could find a word to describe your work!! Hihihi I just love it !!!!

I've been doing some cupcakes for a couple of months now and I've never found a way to make my icing as think and beautiful as yours ..... What is your secret ???!!!