Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monster vs. Aliens Cupcakes

In all reality these are more "alien" cupcakes versus monsters. My nephew Ethan celebrated his sixth birthday this Tuesday and today I surprised him by picking him up from school and treated him to a dinner and movie date with his favorite auntie. Last night when I was perusing Target for another gift for E, I stopped on the game aisle and decided to get him Monsters vs. Aliens for his Wii. Originally, I was planning on making him Transformers cupcakes but when I saw "Bob" the alien I knew I had to bake cupcakes to match my gift. Now my "Bob" doesn't have arms like he should but he's still darn cute! When we got home from our date Ethan saw his cupcakes and knew right away what I was going for, so in my eyes I was very successful! Another score for this auntie! Happy 6th Birthday E-man!

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