Friday, July 2, 2010

Sweet Twitard Bliss

Do you consider yourself a twitard? I know I sure do! As 99.9% of American teenage females, moms, grandmas and even a few select men waited in line this past Wednesday for the opening night (morning) of Twilight's Eclipse, I sat in line upset that I did not bake any cupcakes for the premiere. I had made Twilight cupcakes for my best friends sister, Kris, a while back, but it wasn't the same. What kind of die hard fan am I? Well, the day had passed and this momma had nothing, until my Aunt contacted me about baking her best friends daughter, Marie, Twilight themed birthday cupcakes. I only had a few hours to bake these and I am so pleased with the way they came out. I wish they could be framed and never eaten! Have you seen Eclipse yet? 


Lyns said...

I love your work!

cruz said...

Hello friends,this is alex,i really like your cup cake...
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