Sunday, February 28, 2010

Princess Jacqueline's 5th Birthday Cupcakes

Princess Jacqueline will be celebrating her fifth birthday this upcoming Tuesday but her parents threw her a Princess Tiana themed party today. The birthday girl's cupcakes were grown-up funfetti cake which is a vanilla buttermilk cake dotted with green, purple and yellow specks and the frosting was a vanilla butter cream frosting. I did eighteen cupcakes with white/violet swirl adorned with gold fondant crowns and the remaining eighteen cupcakes were white/green swirl with chocolate froggies. Lucky for Jacqueline, I was taking a basic fondant class and decide to decorate the cake for her. I baked grandma's oriole chocolate cake and covered it with butter cream fondant (which is to die for). I had so much fun baking and creating these cupcakes. I truly hope that the birthday girl and her court of friends loved them just as much as I enjoyed baking them.

Happy Birthday Princess J!


James said...

Amazing the variety

C + J said...

those are super cute cupcakes!!!