Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Geller Wedding

Today I had the pleasure of baking a wedding cake for Sam and Cassie. It truly meant a lot to be able to do this because this radiant bride truly means a great deal to me and my unborn daughter. I met Cassie when I started at my position in Point Loma as her boss, over the course of the past three years we have developed a great friendship and she truly is my only San Diego friend. Cassie met Sam last summer while vacationing in Europe and they have spent every waking minute talking on the phone, e-mailing, or spending a few trips together. I cannot even begin to explain the transformation in Cassie since she met Mr. Geller, and this is how I know they are truly meant to be with one another. Cassie may be making the move to London and sadly she will not be here for Payton's birth but I have loved being her boss, her personal cupcake baker and most importantly her friend. I will miss her more than she knows and I cannot wait for January so she can meet my baby girl. I love you and congratulations!

I made them a dark chocolate wedding tier with peanut butter mousse filling and wedding white buttercream.

I also made matching cupcakes. Dark Chocolate filled with the peanut butter mousse and frosted with vanilla bean buttercream.

For Halloween Cassie was going to dress up as a peacock so I decided to throw in some peacock feathers with the black magic roses and adorning greenery. I am very pleased with the outcome!

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